Strange but true…we are often contacted to see if you are willing to be provide our services to other companies. With an unrivaled reputation for the highest quality events available why on earth would we do so? We wouldn’t.

Yesterday I even received a call from a company who had been asked by another company if they could find a quality provider of life drawing events! Talk about convoluted! This pretty much sums up how this great activity had been blindly absorbed by large, corporate events companies or small pretenders looking to make some money. They wouldn’t know willow charcoal from firewood, and the closest they’ve been to a life drawing event is browsing the internet looking for others to do their work for them.

We know how valuable the success of your hen or stag party is, and everything we do, from replying to your first emailing, through arranging the event, to hosting your activity, is done with one thing in have you look back on our event as the highlight of your day. We’ve refined and improved our service over years to arrive at an event that is simply the best available. In addition to the hundreds of photos on this blog that testify to this fact, we’ve recently added the option of Trustpilot for our clients to provide an additional forum to our testimonials, facebook and google reviews pages.

Hen & Stag Life Drawing Co. well and truly at your service! Enjoy our new batch of recent snaps below..x