Fifty Shades of Charcoal…

We’re often asked whether you need to be ‘good at art’ in order to enjoy our events. Absolutely not! Our uniquely engaging sessions are created for participants to enjoy whether they can draw or not. Think of it as a lighthearted, cheeky version of a life drawing session.

That’s why our tutors are so important – many companies simply drop you into a room with a model and hope for the best! A highly experienced tutor will take care to lead you through the event, explaining the processes to you so that there’s a good balance between the fun and the structure, giving you a stimulating, engaging session as well as lots of laughs!

As part of our Autumnal review we’ve also decided to start using TRUSTPILOT as an additional platform for our clients to add their reviews (you can also see customer feedback on our FACEBOOK and TESTIMONIALS pages). And as always you can see the quality of our sessions in our innumerable event photos throughout our sites. A picture paints a thousand words after all. We are proud to share these images, along with the feedback, as a means to showing you how much we bring to our life drawing events. Enjoy this months snaps!